How we got started as a mission


Once upon a time there was a newly married couple living in the boonies of Bavaria, in a village called Freyung, close to the Czech border. The father, a Nigerian Anglican, was very religious. When their first child was born they were looking for an Anglican Church to have the child baptized. Closest to their home they found the Church of the Ascension in Munich – over three hours away from their home by car – one way. The rector then, the Rev. Ray Bronk baptized the child, but their plea for thinking about offering services in the Northern part of Bavaria was not given much further thought.


When the second child was born again they made their way to Munich to have the child baptized. This time the Rev. Tom Pellaton was rector and when they told him about their need for a service closer to their home there was a certain amount of openness. Three or four times a year the family managed the long distance making the day trip to Munich to attend church – and they kept asking again and again to get a service further North.


It took another about 5 years before their plea – repeatedly brought up at their visits – finally brought a change. In 2003 the first service was held at the Old Catholic house church in Nuremberg, Rankestrasse, in the suburbs of the city.  A lay leadership was put in place with Dieter Prager and Dorothee Hahn both coming up monthly from Munich to lead servicse and Sunday School. Occasionally they were accompanied by a priest to celebrate the Eucharist, especially after the arrival of the Rev. Julie Nelson in Munich, the first longer term presence of a priest at the Mission Congregation of Nuremberg as it was called until 2007.


Since the first beginnings the church moved in 2004 to the Lutheran Church Evangelisch St. Jakob in the old center of the city, meeting there once a month for service. It was a great occasion to see the first child of this family, Vanessa Ugho, to be confirmed by Bishop Pierre in 2008 at the Church of St. James the Less. The congregation formed an e.V at the end of 2011, a necessary step. In February 2013 the Rev. Dennis Krumlauf was appointed vicar of St. James along with another mission church, St. Boniface in Augsburg. We were blessed to have Rev. Dennis and his wife Jane with us until May of 2016 when they moved back to the United States.


The Rev. Scott Moore has served as our vicar since the end of 2016, working to strengthen our connections with other churches in Nuremberg as we continue to make ourselves known to the community. We are currently worshiping twice a month in the main church of the Jakobskirche and are excited what the future hold for our congregation!