About Us

Who We Are

The Anglican/Episcopal Church of St. James the Less, Nürnberg is a mission congregation of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe of the Episcopal Church, USA


  • Multinational, Multicultural, and Multidenominational
  • English-speaking in a German environment
  • Welcoming to newcomers – whether in Nuremberg for a few days or a few years
  • Strongly committed to lay leadership
  • Affirming and open

Mission Statement

The Church of St. James the Less is an English-speaking community of faith, striving to show love and compassion to all.


We offer our ministry to people of every race, nation and denomination, who seek to follow Christ and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, our Lord, by word and deed.

More Anglican/Episcopal Churches in the Region

Our congregation is the only Anglican/Episcopal Church in Nuremberg. However, there are other Anglican/Episcopal congregations in Bavaria:


Church of the Ascension, Munich – our “mother” church: http://www.ascension-munich.com/

St. Boniface, Augsburg – our “sister” church: https://www.stboniface.de/


We are a member of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe: http://www.tec-europe.org/